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Rookie Post-Race Quotes

BRENDAN GAUGHAN, #77 KODAK EASY SHARE DODGE: Notes: This Gaughan's best career finish in eight career NEXTEL Cup Series starts and the second time he has finished on the lead lap. YOU HAD A GOOD DAY TODAY. "The guys dug for us. We've been saying it all year: we're going to keep getting better. We started out pretty good. We got into a tangle with a couple of Raybestos Rookies midway through the race. Three Raybestos Rookies, man, we were all battling for that top spot. We were beating the heck out of each other to get. We spun ourselves out, the brake pedal was pretty soft but man, the guys, and they prepped a great racecar. The brakes lived long enough to make it all 500 laps and this is just one heck of a place. My team owner, my buddy, Rusty, maybe the media can shut up about it now. I'm excited for him. That's so cool. He comes on the radio and talks to me during races." DID HE TALK TO YOU TODAY? "No, he didn't do it today [laughs]. I wasn't quite running good enough today to have him talk to me. He was in the lead and I was glad that he didn't talk to me, concentrate today. That's just so cool to have him win, get off that snide, and this is our best career finish for this version of the Penske Jasper team. I almost got the top Raybestos Rookie but it looks like Vickers got us. We're coming." HOW BIG IS RUSTY'S WIN FOR THE PENSKE ORGANIZATION? "To have Rusty back in winner's circle, to watch him back in form, I don't think it's going to be the last. He's feeling a renewed deal this year and he's helping me a ton. I can't say that I'm helping him but I know that he's helping me and it's fun to hang out with the guy. He is a great coach and mentor and having him and Buddy Baker, we're going to win a bunch this year and so is he. We're going to all have a good season. We have two of the top-five and three of the top-20. I'm the anchor of the team [winks] but we're getting there. With Ryan and Rusty's help, we'll get there."

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