Gaughan Answers More Questions from His Fans

by Brendan Gaughan

Here are a few more responses from your "ASK BRENDAN" questions......

Q: Since you have raced in so many series, do you have a favorite series? And do you have any plans to race in any series besides Truck in the near future?

A: I really do miss the off-road more than anything. I plan on racing a few races with my older brothers this year in the desert. And am very excited to go back and race the Baja 1000. I may have a few more plans but nothing written in stone yet, and as usual the first place to hear about it will be here, at the BGFC!

Q: How do you feel about all the comments all your fans make about your hair and visor?

A: Anything to keep you guys talking. The main thing is to remember that the Orleans team has more fun than anybody else in the racing community. And their driver leads the way in the fun category!!

Q: Since your family, and I believe you as well, are owners of the Orleans Truck Team, is there any chance of your family starting either a Busch or Cup team for you, as well as keeping the truck? I know a lot of people would love to see you back in the Cup or Busch series with a good team and good equipment.

A: I donít know about us starting a Cup team in the near future, but I surely donít see a Busch program anytime in the near future. As far as my plans on getting back to Cup, donít hold your breathe, I am very happy where I am at right now.

Q: Is there any chance youíll run more than the 18 truck races this year?

A: Possibly, we are working on that right now, but there are many more factors than you all get to see. But there is a small possibility that the 77 may run all year.

Q: Where did Cheezeburger get his nickname? Also, in your circle of friends, what is Brendanís nickname?

A: The Cheese has had many nicknames through the years. I believe that Greg Maddox (the former Atlanta Braves pitcher) gave it to him on the golf course one day. And my nicknames, there are many, it just depends on how far back you go and who you ask. Breni and Beejers are the ones that my family uses the most. And I did go by the names Willy Bill Crash for a little bit, but that is a whole other story.

More to come, check back next week. Maybe Brendan will be answering your question!

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