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Texas Post Race Quotes

BRENDAN GAUGHAN (No. 77 Kodak Easy Share Dodge): "We had a really good Dodge. I think we proved it out there today. We blew by the leaders on the restart, but we were a little too free. Shane Wilson and the Kodak team had great pit stops and made great adjustments. We were really getting close. Iím not really sure what happened to the engine. It looks like we lost the cam or something inside the motor. The Penske/Jasper horsepower shop make plenty of horsepower. You donít lose many Penske/Jaspers, so weíll let them lose one every once in awhile. I drove into turn one. The motor changed pitch and the oil pressure went down. We got lucky and saved the racecar. We thought we ran great today. We thought we had a top 15 car at least. We kept digging away. Thereís no quit in the Penske/Jasper team. I didnít have much of a chance to run with the 9 car because heíd leave me most of the time. Heís got a good piece right now."

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