"ASK BRENDAN" Gaughan answers questions from his fans... 1st in a series

by Brendan Gaughan

Here's what we've all been waiting for..... Brendan answers questions from his fans. Each week we will post more Q & A from "ASK BRENDAN". If you have a question for Brendan, please submit it through the Contact Us section on the website.....

Q: Now that you are back with Orleans Racing, did you move back to Las Vegas to be back near the race shop and your family?

A: Yes, I am back in Las Vegas. It has always been very important to me to be near the race team. I feel that the only way for a team to be successful is to have the driver at least be around the guys. I may not be able to be of much use around the shop, but it is still beneficial for me to be around the guys. And yes, I am very VERY happy to be around my nieces and nephews more often.

Q: Okay, a non-racing question here. Last time I was in Vegas, I went to Brendan’s Pub at The Orleans and I noticed a really nice stained-glass mural behind the bar. It had an Irish them to it, with some leprechauns having a merry time and there was a quote at the bottom, I think from Brendan’s Dad. I was just wondering if that mural held any significance for you and your family or if it’s there just to add ambience to the really cool pub?

A: My father has always had an affinity for stained glass. At one point the Barbary Coast housed the world’s largest single pained stained glass piece (He even has a stained glass in his bathroom; that may be too much info). So in actuality, it is just another beautiful stained glass piece that my father wanted, but if you really want to see a stained glass piece go to Via Veneto’s at the Suncoast.

Q: I was wondering, were you able to make the trip this year to Iraq to visit with the US Troops?

A: Unfortunately we have not been able to go overseas yet. With the Iraq and Afghan elections the government figured that it was safer to protect the voters than us, go figure. But they are working on a trip for us sometime this summer on one of our off weeks.

Q: Will Billy and Susan be working for / with you this season?

A: I wish! No they are going to be in the Kodak trailer again this year. And please, stop by and tell them hi and be nice, they took real good care of me last year.

Q: Out of all the gifts you’ve received from fan, which ones stand out as being your top 5 favorites?

A: First off I have tons of pictures that you guys have all taken with me and shared, I do enjoy those. The baskets of silly string (although the Cheese will fight me on this) are always my favorites. But other than that I can’t really single anything out because I very much appreciate all of the things that all of you bring.

Q: How often do you have a chance to read your fan club message board?

A: As often as possible. Sometimes I can get to it three times a day, and other times three times a week. It just depends on how often I can get to my computer, but I always try to get to it to keep up on what’s happening!!

Q: Do you already have a countdown until the next Star Wars movie comes out?

A: Maybe!? But I wouldn’t admit to being that big of a freak.

Thanks for sending in such great questions. More will be posted next week.

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