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Ten MORE Questions with... Brendan Gaughan

By Mike Brown -- TR Staff
As I said last week, when you're talking to NASCAR Nextel Cup rookie contender Brendan Gaughan, there are no dull answers, so here we go with part two of "Ten Questions With Brendan Gaughan"!

1. Which race do you have circled on the calendar? Which do you dread going to?

One and the same - I'm looking forward to Las Vegas looking a ton, but at the same time, it'll be difficult to come home with all that pressure. Everyone I ever met will want tickets (chuckle). The other one I'm really looking forward to is Texas.

2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'm a pretty happy guy. I learn from myself, but don't want to change anything.

4. What music do you crank up when it comes on the radio? What makes you run to switch the station?

I'm not a talk radio guy, so I tend to tune that out. As for what I like, it really depends on my mood. If I'm trying to get pumped up for a race, I'll put on classical music actually, it can be pretty powerful. I also love techno to get me going..

5. You've been sentenced to death by the state (wrongfully, I'm sure). What is your request for your last meal? (Remember, you're on the way out, no limit on courses, and it's not your money so go nuts)

Michael's Restaurant on the Barbary Coast.

6. What is your biggest weakness?

Isn't that for other people to find out and then pick at? I think I do a lot of over thinking and over analyzing.

7. What was the last book you read, cover to cover, without peeking at the ending?

I actually read books pretty frequently, it's hard to remember what the last one I finished was. Bourne Ultimatum.

8. If you weren't in racing, what would you want to do?

I'd be in the family business and be a casino manager.

9. Speaking of which, You're from a Vegas casinoa family, what's your game? Blackjack, Craps? Keno? The ponies?

Keno??? (Laughing) There really is no one game I stick to. I can play `em all, I've dealt `em all and they're all interesting and fun in their own way.

10. I couldn't live without...

My father and my brothers. I'm very lucky, I do what I love to do, race cars and spend time with family.

Again, I want to thank Brendan and Terry from Penske / Jasper Racing for all their help and time. I hope you've enjoyed "Ten Questions With Brendan Gaughan", and I remind you to keep it right here on TeamRacin.com for more in the ORIGINAL series of "Ten Questions With"!

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