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Brendan's Qualifying Quotes at the Rock


"I want to see where that puts us with the Raybestos Rookies. I don't think we're going to be the quickest, I don't know. What's great about this team is that we have teammates. After practice we sat down with Newman's guys and Rusty's guys and said 'Okay, we don't feel great yet' and they gave us some tips and we went out there and picked up and we made the front-end of the Kodak Dodge work. That's the benefit of being with the Penske-Jasper team: you've got teammates that kick butt."

YOU PICKED UP ON YOUR SECOND LAP. "It got loose for the first time all day coming out of turn four to take the green flag so I went easy. I took the whole first lap and tried to save a lot of that tire because I knew that it was going to be no good and prepared it for the second lap. I may be a Raybestos Rookie but I've been around a few NASCAR tracks and when you know a first lap is not going to be good, save the tire, especially at a place like Rockingham. I saved the tire for a lap so I could have a little left for the second and we got luck and it worked."

THIS IS YOUR FIRST RACE AT ROCKINGHAM. 'This is a fun place. This is like a Darlington or Dover. These are driver's racetracks and I like these places. Having Rusty and Ryan helping me out is a big deal and Kodak has a lot of history around this place also, so I'd like to etch our name a little bit in that history. Plus being the Raybestos Rookie of the Race here wouldn't be bad, either."

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