Brendan Gaughan Post-Race Quotes - Daytona

“This was the fastest race truck on the track. The Jasper Dodge was by far, I think the best race truck. I tried to play around early to see what it would do outside, inside, here or there, just trying to figure out what I could do to be able to win if I needed to. This was a fantastic Dodge. Man, we should’ve had Jasper their first win tonight. I went into the bottom of turn three, and I feel bad for whomever else it was that was collected up in it. But, I went down in there – I think it was the No. 5 on the outside of me – and he came down to try and get the side draft and when he did he sucked the air off my romeo window. I got loose and I tried to catch it the first time, and I got back to him and it just kept the air off my romeo window. These trucks, that was one of the things I missed about the trucks, when you take the air of the romeo window – that’s the little window on the back – when you take the air off it these suckers go. I tried to catch it and I tried to catch it, but I just ran out of real estate and got her loose. There's nobody to blame. We had the best truck and we were just trying to get back on the lead lap.

“I wasn't as loose as everybody else. This Jasper Dodge was not as loose as others. I saw some people who were so loose it was scary. Fortunately for me, I knew we weren't as loose as them so it was fantastic. I was just waiting to get back to the lead lap and we would have gone right back to the front.

“There's a lot of guys you don't want to race next to but apparently I looked like one of them tonight. It's my own fault.”

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