Brendan Gaughan Qualifying Quotes - Daytona

“We felt like the Jasper Dodge Ram would qualify really well, and we think we did. This new qualifying procedure that NASCAR has is a little weird to us. We had to walk a pretty fine line. We had to, one, make sure that it would make the show, but two, make sure it was a good race truck. The main thing was to make sure that the guys who don’t have points didn’t qualify in front of us. But, I think we should be all right. Bill Lester is always fast in qualifying. But, Jasper Engines is going to pick up a win here pretty soon, because this truck is pretty awesome in race trim.

“I’m not taking a team owner’s role this year, just a teammate, a real teammate. It’s going to be a lot of fun this year. Steve and I have two identical trucks right now. They’re both really good, and we’re having a lot of fun. Our Dodges are quick. We’re really good in race trim.”

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