Brendan Gaughan Pre-Race Quotes - Daytona

“We brought Lone Star, which is probably the most famous truck in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. It happens to be our Texas winner. It’s really fast. I can’t believe how happy I am in it. We had to take some of the good raciness out of to make it qualify better, because you’ve got to qualify in race trim. But it’s still racing like a champ. We put it to the top of the board for a while early – some guys got a good suck up lap. But, our Dodge Ram right now is probably one of the top three or four trucks out there. I’m pretty happy.

“What’s going to happen is, there’s 13 guys battling for six positions, so you’re going to have a couple of those 13 guys go in a full qualifying mode and not care about how they race. NASCAR has created this monster and they’re going to have to live with it because what’s going to happen is some of these guys that aren’t quite as good are going to just go in a full-qualifier, which makes guys like us say, ‘Okay, we have to be a little better to qualify.’ It also means that when they get to the race, they’re going to be a little bit more dangerous in the race.”

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