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Rookie Gaughan wagers on himself

By Shannon Rose And George Diaz
Sentinel Staff Writers
February 12, 2004

Brendan Gaughan has made his first rookie mistake in the Nextel Cup Series: He admitted he bet on himself at a Las Vegas sports book.

In an interview this week in Daytona Beach, Gaughan -- whose father owns a casino -- said he bet on himself while he was participating in the Craftsman Truck Series and hinted he would bet on himself for Sunday's Daytona 500.

Although NASCAR doesn't have an official policy on gambling, officials have let Gaughan know they aren't happy.

"I feel very confident that the conversation has taken place," said Jim Hunter, NASCAR's vice president of communications. "The only thing that covers it in the NACAR rulebook is conduct detrimental to the sport.

"We've kept up with [gambling on racing] over the years when Vegas starting establishing odds, but there isn't a lot of play. And the reason for that is that there are so many variables. A lug nut, penalty, subjective calls, the air hose doesn't work, the engine blows, a driver makes a mistake -- I don't know how you would quantify all that."

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