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Gaughan looks to go faster

Gaughan looks to go faster: Driving a 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 powered by a Dodge Viper engine, Brendan Gaughan [driver of the #77 Kodak Dodge] will attempt to break the record of 147 mph set last August by a Ford SVT F-150 Lightning at the Chelsea Proving Grounds in Michigan. "The speed they told me that we have to do -- even I was nervous," Gaughan, a NASCAR Nextel Cup rookie, said Thursday. "It's a stock pickup truck, right off the factory line. The record is 149 or something like that and we're going to beat that ... and I've been told we'll beat it very easily." To qualify for the record and certification by Guinness World Records, the truck must be identical to what a customer can find at a local Dodge dealer. Gaughan's speed will be measured over a kilometer, and the record speed is derived from an average of his speeds in both directions on the 4.71-mile, high-speed oval.(Las Vegas Sun)(1-31-2004)

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