Brendan Gaughan Pre Race Report - NHIS

Driver: Brendan Gaughan

Owner: Michael Gaughan

Event: Sylvania 200
New Hampshire International Speedway, Loudon, N.H.
Saturday, September 17, 2005 - 3:15 p.m. (EDT)
Qualifying: Saturday, September 17, 2005 - 10:00 a.m. (EDT)
1.058-mile oval, 211.6 miles/200 laps

Notes of Interest:

Even though it races like a short track Brendan Gaughan seems to have a knack for New Hampshire International Speedway. His stats here in the Craftsman Truck Series are impressive, with a pair of top-five finishes in his two outings here.

Adding a little fuel to Gaughan’s fire is the Dodge he’ll use this week, the famed Texas truck, Lonestar!

Gaughan on New Hampshire International Speedway:

“We’ve always done fairly well at New Hampshire which kind of surprises me because I always say I like big tracks, and New Hampshire is definitely not a big track. It’s a one-mile track that’s extremely flat. The Bahre family has done a really nice job with that race track and has turned it into a top-notch facility. I love racing there.

“We’re there with Nextel Cup which is always a neat deal to have the Cup guys there and be able to show all your stuff in front of them. It’s a Saturday afternoon show which means some of them might be able stay and watch us race.

“Lonestar technically would not be the choice of the week for a place like New Hampshire. We wanted to run truck six, the truck that’s been me and Rambo’s baby and rattled off all those top-10’. But it got a little too damaged at Richmond to try to bring it back-to-back. So our backup truck was Lonestar and Rambo says it’s going to be just fine. Lonestar hasn’t run that good since it came out of semi-retirement in ’05. Maybe it needs to get away from the big tracks, maybe it needs to get to one of these flat tracks and do something diabolically opposite than Texas. We’ll give that a shot and see if Lonestar can’t find a new home on the flat tracks. Maybe she needs a little bit of a break from the big tracks.”

Meet the Crew:

Shop Duties
Race Day Duties

Brendan Gaughan
Las Vegas, NV
General Manager

Tony Liberati
Bellaire, OH
Crew Chief
Crew Chief

Lance Wilson
Bakersfield, CA
Truck Chief
Rear Tire Changer

Roy Pryor
Las Vegas, NV
Front Tire Changer

Chris Boller
Prescott, AZ
Truck Driver
Front Tire Carrier

Calvin Gravely
Martinsville, VA
Tire Specialist

Scott Witz
Tucson, AZ
Gas Man

Mike Robinson
Toole, UT
Catch Can

Clint Jennings
Logan, OH

Randy Snyder
Buena Park, CA
Truck Driver

Listen in on the #77: The team’s primary radio frequency is 451.3375.

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