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Chicagoland Post-Race Quotes

BRENDAN GAUGHAN, #77 JASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS/KODAK DODGE: The Penske Jasper team can't catch a break right now, whether I make a mistake or we just have one of those racing deals. Today was a racing deal. I am excited because that was without a doubt the best racecar that we've had all year. Honestly, that racecar was even better than Bristol. Once we came back out after we changed our deal, we ran in that fourth place hole and I was running there like 'Wow, we're keeping pace for a change.' The guys have been working hard on getting us new equipment, better equipment and getting some of that technology and they are. We've just got to catch one of those breaks and start chipping away. We're really excited about the next bunch of races. At Loudon we have another brand new car. At Indianapolis we're actually going to run our first Penske chassis. So we have a lot of new equipment coming in the next couple of weeks and if this racecar is any indication, we're going to make a run for that Raybestos championship."

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